Project Outline

Photon Drop is a site created for fan applications centered around the phantasy star online game series. The concept is to export the original game files into a use-able format to be used in fan projects. The content of the fan projects is up to the person making them.

Currently I am exporting the original models into a custom format called the ‘Dash Model Format’. The dash model format is an easy-to-hack format where the file data has been designed to match the structures used in 3d applications and should make it easier to import, export and translate the format into other formats. Information on the format can be found here:

Currently there are a few different projects, on going. One of them is “BoomaNation” headed by Glader. The goal of the project is to recreate PSOBB in Unity. The current project Photon Drop is to attempt to recreate PSOv2 using Threejs. If needed multiple clients can be powered by a single back end, or multiple servers can be set up as needed. I really don’t mind how much of a dumpster fire that this project turns into, only that development continues.

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