Phantasy Star Universe Series

PSU(PC) PSP1 PSP2 PSP2i Model .xnj .unj .unj .unj Model Animation .xnm .unm .unm .unm Texture .xvr .gim .uvr (gim) .uvr(gim) Texture Animation .xnv .unv .unv .unv Bone Names .xna .una .una .una Texture Names .xnt .unt .unt .unt Archives .nbl .nbl .nbl (new) .nbl(new) File System /DATA .fpb .fpb (encrypted) .fpb(encrypted) Drop Archive .afs
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Improvements for Plugin

Adjust position of active element Add css rule for active element Change texture to view textures Add indexed-db cache for textures (read) Add indexed-db cache for textures (write) Change textures to drop down preview Add icons to animation controls Label zip download Manage memory for threejs

Monest Debugging

Original Bones: Bones: After double checking the bones, it looks like that’s not the problem. So the next most likely problem is the face list, so the next step is to debug that.

Starting on Ruins

Started working on ruins. I changed the format from grouping stages by section to grouping by entire map, as this is the easiest version to upload and manage. I’ll be providing alternative versions for stages (group by stage, group by section, group by material, group by submesh), once I’m able to start working on batch
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Exporting Maps

I’ve been working on converting more maps. The process is a little time consuming because of all of the map variations. So far I have Pioneer 2, Forest 01, Forest 02, Caves 01 (00 – 05), Caves 02 (00-04), and Caves 03 (00-05). Working on Mines 01 and 02 now. Hopefully the little potato I’m
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Stage Tools

Working on my stage tools. Which have a few changes. Double sides are set by creating faces to avoid having to set material Model is parsed to buffer geometry directly Vertex colors are parsed to ‘vcolor’ to save vertex alpha Sections are exported to individual meshes (which are then positioned) Sections with absolute position are
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Project Outline

Photon Drop is a site created for fan applications centered around the phantasy star online game series. The concept is to export the original game files into a use-able format to be used in fan projects. The content of the fan projects is up to the person making them. Currently I am exporting the original
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